and Generate your Buzz is a Scam;

They Steal Your Money and This page Is set Up So You Do NOT use and Generate your Buzz

e173309d753b518bab3771c3f8a59a2f and/or Generate your Buzz scams people out of their money. They do NOT guarantee anything and this guy is such a scum bag that when we disputed it at Paypal, they fought it to scam that money even though not one bit of their work stuck. Not even one view stayed up after we paid for it.

That is how much they guarantee that work 100% as it says on their site. By allowing the dipsute to go their way so they do not re do the work that was wasted and most of all, we were now tagged with being in violation because of this asshole.

Because YouTube put every last video this company did that so called mkg on, under violation of their terms. Every penny spent was not only a waste, every view was taken away and again, these assholes fought it after we went from thousands of views to none.

They do NOT guarantee anything except they will guarantee fighting any dispute so they can take 100% of your money without any results. There ios nothing to show anyone as far as this companies work, except that we were placed on violation.

I spent about 400 bucks to be placed on violation. I have not ione view to show for that money spent at and/or Generate your Buzz. NOT ONE! And, they fought the dipsute to take 100% of that money even without one result when all was said and done.

My point is why use this company?

Unless you are stupid and like to gamble with your money because when I say nothing worked with this company, the only thing that worked was them getting us placed on violation for every thing they touched.

Again, they will not only take your money and not give a fuck if it works or not, they will also be pro active in fighting you if you dispute it.

We bought some services from them and within weeks of them fulfilling it, YouTube deleted them all and they claimed we were violating their terms. Then, when we set up a dispute at PayPal and this scum bag cand this and/or Generate your Buzz company that supposedly guarantees its work 100% as it says on their site, fought it to take that money after the dispute was based on it being virtual.

We have nothing to stand on even if you use PayPal because the last thing this person and company does is guarantee that work. They may do it, but its not effective and it gets deleted in weeks. And, when I say it gets deleted, I mean every last thing they touched got deleted.

It’s a scam. they steal. They are not effective. You will end up right in the same spot you were in the first place after you spend whatever money. it’s a waste.


Not only is it a waste, if you dispute anything they did NOT do, they fight it to steal that money even though again, and again, we have nothing to show for that work. None of it is up today. None if it stayed up for more than a few days or weeks tops.

Overall, we do NOT want anyone wasting any of their money and we do NOt want anyone wasting time with a false sense of security that this company and Generate your Buzz does not scam people out of their money, and were not total scum bags in this industry.

They are such dirt balls that when and if you dispute something like being put on violation while having every last view and your video deleted, they dispute it too, to keep that money you spent. No matter if that work stuck or not.

The point in us posting this is for you to NOT even try it. Trust me in saying that EVERY LAST VIDEO we had them do the mkg for has come back in violation within days/weeks and when I say every last view and video they worked on, I mean EVERY ONE…..I have zero views today. My videos are in violation today and they were all deleted yesterday.

It is a complete waste of money and a complete waste of time.

Honestly, if you use this company for any of its services, you are moron that will not be guaranteed that work. that’s on you but i warned everyone to use another company that does the same thing they do and that truly does guarantee that work 100%.

And, dont get me wrong now, i am sure this scum bag has some bullshit term in tiny little writing but i can safely say that 100% Guarantee is not only in bold font, it is also posted on their main pages online.

I explained here how they guarantee their work 100%. They don’t. They do NOT. Its a lie. They even fight to steal your money without that work being done.

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